How long have you been involved in digital marketing and SEO?

As a company, we've helped our clients rank on the first page of the SERPs (and keep them there) since 2007. Our staff has well over ten years combined experience in SEO, conversion optimization, brand management, content creation and social media management. As our valued client, you will receive the professionalism, respect, and most importantly the results that you want and deserve.

What separates your from other digital marketing agencies?
  • Our commitment to Our Clients.
  • Our commitment to Excellence.
  • Our commitment to Innovation.

Most digital marketing agencies are more concerned with their profits than yours. At SEOProLab we focus exclusively on maximizing your profits - because when we do that, you'll remain a long-term client and our profits will naturally increase. Our success depends on your success. That's why we are 100% committed to excellence and innovation: they're the key ingredients for the best rankings, the most traffic, the highest conversion rates and the highest return on investment.

But our commitment to clients goes beyond numbers and dollar signs; we also provide a client experience second to none. It's why we often speak of our "family of clients." 91% of them stay with us for the long term - and they tell us it's not just for the results and the price. It's also because of our unparalleled client support.

How Can you Charge So Much Less Than Your Competitors?

To put it as nicely as we can: unlike many competitors, we try to charge reasonable prices. When you're afraid you can't keep clients for the long-term, there's a huge temptation to overcharge for your services, so you can make as much money from clients as quickly as possible before they jump ship. That's not how we operate.

When you're confident you can deliver on your promises and your clients will remain satisfied, you can afford to make just a small profit each month, knowing you'll make your money over the long term. That's how we operate.

We also keep our overhead low and benefit from having a large client base. That allows us to run our business like a business, and set our prices at a level that works for everyone.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Absolutely. At SEOProLab, we consider your satisfaction and success vitally important. If you're not satisfied with our services within the first 30 days, simply let us know and we'll be happy to resolve the situation.

However, due to Google's quality guidelines, we are unfortunately not able to make any specific ranking guarantees.

How Many Keywords/Phrases Can I Target With One Campaign?

Unlimited! There's no limit to the number of keywords and phrases you can target with your campaign. We'll allocate a portion of your SEO budget for each of the keywords you'd like to target.

During our extensive research and strategy phases we will suggest the keywords we feel are best to focus on, in order to improve your rankings and increase your traffic. However, we offer complete flexibility during your campaign, so you can change keywords as often as you'd like.

Who Will Lead My SEO Campaign?

At SEOProLab you'll have access to an entire team of professional SEO and marketing specialists, all working together to get you the best results possible - the highest rankings, traffic, and profits.

However, in order to make your interaction with us as easy as possible, you'll have your very own dedicated account manager who will serve as your expert liaison, handling all of your campaign needs and requests, and maintaining contact with you as your campaign progresses.

Do I Get Reports?

Of course. You'll receive weekly updates on the progress and results of your campaign, and will also receive monthly reports on how your competition is doing so you can gauge how well things are going. Naturally, if you need any additional information on your campaign, all you have to do is ask.

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