The Process

SEO Developed Over The Past 8 Years

Researched... Tested... Proven


Project Research

We develop a deep understanding of your business, your goals and your competition.


Strategy Development

We create an in-depth, individualized plan for boosting your rankings, traffic and profits.


Strategy Execution

We implement and monitor the campaign, continually tweaking it for optimal results.

SEO Prolab's Process Leads To Results

Advanced 3-Stage SEO

and Digital Marketing Process

We pride ourselves on providing top - quality SEO service at prices dramatically lower than the competition.

But we spare no effort in creating the perfect SEO and digital marketing strategy for your business - in fact, our advanced, three-stage research, strategizing and implementation process is second-to-none. Here's a look at how we do it.

Stage #1: Market Exploration and Discovery

Your specific SEO and digital marketing requirements will differ from your competitors; no two campaign strategies are ever the same. For that reason, the first stage of our process is dedicated solely to researching and discovering all the details we will need to develop the most powerful and successful traffic and revenue generation strategy for your project.

  • Client Interview: Before we do anything else, we'll speak with you at length so we can have a clear understanding of your business, your company mission and culture, and most importantly, your short- and long-term goals.
  • Keyword/Phrase Discovery: We research, uncover and recommend the keywords and phrases which will produce your greatest return on investment. This includes finding the most relevant keywords to your business, their estimated search volume, user intent rating, competition rating, and revenue potential (based on current conversion rates).
  • Competition Analysis: We perform a deep analysis of your closest competitors - researching the keywords they're ranking for, why they're ranking for them, and how we can help you beat their rankings.
  • Complete Website Audit: We conduct a detailed audit of your current website. We'll look for potential on-site issues with page optimization and site structure, site navigation, poor or duplicate content and potential problems for mobile visitors, and we'll evaluate the overall visitor experience. We'll then investigate your current SEO status including the terms you're currently ranking for and your site's current metrics and backlinks.
  • Link Asset Identification: We perform a more complete audit of your site's current content, in order to pinpoint your site's most popular pages and posts and develop a plan to maximize their traffic and conversion rates.
  • Business Relationship Analysis Our goal here is to discover your company's closest relationships and how we can use them to further increase your online presence and add high authority backlinks to your SEO campaign.
  • Business Relationship Analysis: We evaluate your company's current and potential business relationships, so they can be used to further increase your online presence and add high authority backlinks to your SEO campaign.

Stage #2: Strategy Development

Once we've researched and collected all the information we need to develop an individualized SEO and digital marketing strategy for you, we'll working with you to strategize, plan, and build the blueprint which will skyrocket your rankings, traffic, and profits over the next three months.

  • On-Site SEO Optimization: You'll speak with your personal SEO Strategy Specialist to develop a plan for correcting any current on-site SEO optimization mistakes, and restructuring your current site content and navigation to maximize your site's ranking potential. Among the items to be discussed will be ideal page and site structure, optimal amount of on-page content, broken backlink replacement and duplicate content removal and adjustment of canonical tags. Possible disavowal of problematic backlinks and optimization for maximum site conversion ratios will also be discussed.
  • Link Building and Social Media Strategy: You and your SEO Strategy Specialist will also discuss proposals for keyword targeting, high-quality link building, and penetration of social media platforms. The goals will be to improve your search engine rankings by use of completely "white hat" means, to attract new site visitors through the use of compelling content, and encourage widespread social sharing on the most important platforms - not only increasing traffic, but building your brand.
  • Unique Content Distribution Strategy: Distributing existing and new content across the web is an important marketing tool for maximizing results. You will speak directly with your personal Content Marketing Specialist to develop the strategy which best supports your SEO ranking objectives, positions you as a supreme authority in your market or industry, and increases site visits and conversions.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website: Google now places dramatic weight on whether a website is mobile-friendly when determining search engine rankings. If your site doesn't pass the test, we'll work with you to correct the issue.
  • Internationalization (if applicable): If your business plan includes targeting international traffic, we'll work with you to develop a strategy for increasing your web presence in other countries.

Stage #3: Strategy Execution

Once the strategy for your personalized, advanced traffic generation system is completed and approved, we'll begin your campaign - and soon after that you'll begin seeing spikes in traffic to your site. Here's what will happen and what you can expect.

  • Extreme Link Building, Social Media and Content Campaign: We'll begin the continuing process of building your extensive catalogue of high quality backlinks from only the most respected and authoritative sources. We'll also implement your social media and content marketing campaigns to create buzz for your website and brand, leading to a boost in visitors, revenue and profit. This work will continue throughout the duration of your campaign, continuously improving your rankings and web presence.
  • Site and Link Repair: We'll implement any site or backlink repair techniques included in your personalized strategy.
  • Analytics Setup: We'll get you up-and-running with the most advanced and innovative analytics tools and software available. This allows us (and you) to closely monitor the progress of your SEO campaign, and provides us with all information necessary to determine if any mid-course tweaks are required.
  • SEO Policy Compliance and Algorithm Tracking: We'll make sure you're always operating under the major search engines' best practices policies, and give you advice on how your in-house marketing efforts can work hand-in-hand with your SEO campaign to drastically improve your rankings. We'll also update you of any major search engine algorithm changes, and make any necessary changes to your SEO strategy.
  • Weekly SEO Reporting and Tracking: Throughout the duration of your campaign you'll receive weekly reports on all of your most important SEO statistics - from updated keyword rankings to conversion rate statistics.
  • Competitor SEO Reporting and Tracking: We don't stop there; we also keep close tabs on what your closest competitors are doing. Every month you'll receive a detailed report on their updated rankings, and how they relate to your own.

This three-stage process has been researched, tested and proven to work, time and again. We work closely with you to ensure that we're on message, on target and delivering the results you expect.

Our in-depth research, our innovative strategies, and our results and track record over the last eight years would justify charging the same outrageous fees as our competitors.

But we don't.

We want to work with you for years to come, and we understand that delivering outstanding service and results for a fair price is the way to keep happy, satisfied clients.

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